How to Eat Raw Vegetables to Lose Weight

With people getting concerned about their health, they opt for vegetables as their diet. This is because they have high energy value and low calories. Not only people who are diet conscious choose eating vegetables but people who are trying to lose their weight opt for this diet mode. You are not required to follow a strict vegetable only diet but you can simply increase the intake of vegetables. This will result in your body not only getting adequate nutrients. Remember that lower calories intake will cause loss of weight.


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    Increase the vegetable intake ratio

    You need to increase the amount of vegetables intake in comparison with eating non-vegetable food. In case you are making a meal, you should increase the amount of vegetables used. If your meal consist of 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 meat and 1/3 carbohydrates i.e. rice, potato or pasta. You should increase the vegetable ratio by 1/2 by lowering the meat and carbohydrates ratio to ¼. Remember that by this you will still enjoy your meal because the dish will remain the same. However, there will be a slight change of taste as you will be eating more vegetables.

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    Check the vegetables available

    You need to jolt down all the available vegetables. This is to avoid eating the same vegetable every day. You will get fed up of eating the same vegetable while eating variety will lead you to eat more. You can check the list of vegetables on websites such as This site has around 50 different vegetables list. When you feel you have tried all, you can always visit this site and increase your list.

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    Eat raw vegetables

    Cooking vegetables can result in discarding of vitamins and nutrients from some vegetables. It is advisable to eat raw vegetables as they will lead you to feel full. Thus you will eat less and ultimately cut down your weight.

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    Be creative

    Most people do not like eating raw vegetables so cooking is the best option for them. However, you need to be creative and make different dishes when you cook vegetables. You can try making soups, broths and sautéed vegetables. You can find recipes from different websites of several vegetable soups.

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