How to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving day is one of the major festivals, celebrated primarily in the United States of America and Canada. It is marked as a day of expressing thanks to the harvest in the previous year and is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year.

The day is usually marked with a feast and often most of the food remains uneaten. Most of the people do not exactly know what to do with the leftovers but if you are smart you can make a delicious omelette and casserole with the stuff which you may have thrown away otherwise.


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    Breakfast omelette

    You can easily make a nice breakfast from thanksgiving leftovers by slicing the turkey (or its alternative) into little pieces. If you wish to, you can chop an onion and add it in with some pepper. Include a couple of eggs and a dash of salt and baking powder in a bowl and stir the mixture together. Once the ingredients have been nicely blended, you may add your turkey and veggies in the mixture. Some people like to add some spices at this step. You may go for curry, cumin, basil, parsley or a chilli powder if you prefer.

    Pour a small amount of butter or cooking oil on the pan and pour the mixture to cook it as you would cook an omelette.

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    If you do not like omelettes, you can try making a casserole with the leftovers. Casserole is usually a mixture which is cooked in a dish. You need to cut the turkey into small pieces before the adding the leftover veggies in it. Most of the people prefer peas, corn, snaps, carrot, potatoes or sweet potatoes. If the leftover veggies are not enough for the recipe, you may slice some fresh vegetables. If you can add an onion, it can really enhance the overall flavour of the dish.

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    Vegetarian stuffing

    If there is no vegetarian stuffing, you can now prepare a pre-packaged stuffing. Do not add any turkey or chicken flavouring in the ingredients. Once the stuffing is prepared, you may add the turkey and the vegetables and stir well before serving.

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