How to Edit a Scanned Document in Word

A friend or a colleague of yours may have sent you a scanned document asking you to edit and correct any errors or mistakes present therein. You can use Microsoft Office Word for the job.

Similarly, years ago, you may have written an important document and now you need to edit it. You still have the hard copy but the soft copy on your computer’s hard drive was corrupted due to a virus attack. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing to do is to scan the document and then edit the scanned image of the document using Microsoft Office Word.


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    Microsoft Office OneNote is one of the numerous Microsoft Office programmes used for editing and creating documents. Install Microsoft Office OneNote on your computer and open it. Open a blank note by clicking on the ‘New Page’ button located in the top right corner of the Microsoft Office OneNote window.

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    At the top of the OneNote window, click the ‘Insert’ tab. Click on the ‘Picture’ button located in the ‘Images’ section. A window pops up prompting you to navigate to the picture you wish to insert in OneNote.

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    Navigate to the hard drive’s location where the scanned document file is saved. Select the file and click on the ‘Insert’ button on the pop-up window. The scanned document you wish to edit in has been inserted in OneNote.

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    When you right click on the image in OneNote, a drop down menu will appear. Choose the ‘Copy Text from Picture’ option. All the text in the scanned image has been copied to the clipboard.

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    Open a new Microsoft Office Word file. Under the ‘Home’ tab in the Word window, look for the ‘Clipboard’ section. Click on the small down arrow image located below the ‘Paste’ button.

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    Click ‘Paste Special’ from the options that appear. A window will pop up prompting you to choose how you will like the text you copied from OneNote to be pasted in Word. Double click ‘Keep Source Formatting’ option.

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    All the text that was there in the scanned document will be pasted with its original formatting in the Word file. Start editing the document.

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