Skype Confirms Bug Sends Messages to Wrong Recipients

The video chat company Skype has confirmed that there is bug in their software system which is sending a number of private messages to wrong recipients.

The company acknowledged that there is a bug in its VoIP software which is redirecting messages to random contacts. These random contacts were not even invited by users in their conversation.

The Skype users angrily launched a series of complaints on this issue through customer service threads. However, the company said it is trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Skype also admitted that the conversation between two users is being unintentionally copied to a third party.

Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, said in a statement that, “We’re aware of a bug that in very rare cases sends IMs to unintended recipients,” Skype tweeted. “Most users are unaffected. We are working on a fix.”

Some users have become fed up of this glitch and said that they would stop using the service.

It is still not confirmed that this bug is a result of last month update, well in that case older versions should still theoretically be secure.

The company is hopeful to roll out a software update in the coming days to resolve this issue. It said it would also advise users to download the updates and apply them in order to prevent their accounts from these types of bugs in the future.

Skype is an online calling service which enables people to call each other through the internet rather than traditional landlines or mobile networks. While looking at the stats of last year, more than 600 million people are the potential users of this service. Earlier the same year it was bought by Microsoft for 8.5 billion, the biggest acquisition to date.

Last year in May, Skype went through a global crash because of which the service remained offline for two days. The crash was because of botched update.

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