How to Rotate an Image in Photoshop

Like many other image editing software programs, Adobe Photoshop also allows you to rotate your pictures. However, there is something which differentiates Adobe Photoshop from standard Windows Picture Viewer, and that is custom rotation option. If you have pictures that are slightly tilted, then you can use Adobe Photoshop’s rotation feature to make it straight. The generic rotation allows you to rotate the image for more than 90 degrees. With every click, the image will rotate by 90 degrees. The custom rotation will allow you to rotate the image to even 1 degree.


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    Install the Adobe Photoshop in your computer. You can do it by redouble clicking the installation file and following the steps in the process.

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    After the installation is complete, double click the Adobe Photoshop execution file to launch the program. From the “File” menu, click the “Open” option and a new dialog box will open. Locate the file which you want to rotate using rotation feature. Click to highlight it and click “Open”, to open the image in the Photoshop.

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    From the “Image” menu, select the “Rotate” or “Rotate Canvas” option, depending on the version of the Adobe Photoshop you are using.

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    Now click the rotate button. You will have a number of options available in front of you. Clicking the 90 degrees clockwise will rotate the image to right with 90 degrees. The opposite will happen if you click the 90 degrees counter-clockwise button. You can also flip over the image by clicking the 180 degrees button. Once the option is selected, the image will rotate accordingly.

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    If you want to custom rotate the image, then the process of the opening the file in Adobe Photoshop and opening the “Rotate” option will remain the same. Thereafter, you will have to click the “Arbitrary”, which will allow you to enter your custom angle for the rotation.

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    Now enter the exact amount of degrees by which you want to rotate the image. You can even write the amount in decimal numbers. For instance, you can write 3.58 degrees. You can then select “CW” to rotate the image clockwise or “CCW” for counter-clockwise rotation. Click “OK” to apply the custom angle that you provided.

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    You will now see the image with changed angle, and you can further adjust it by repeating the same process and selecting a new angle.

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