How to Print Business Cards In Microsoft Word

If you are running a relatively small business, cutting down on costs is a very wise decision. You will definitely find yourself in need of business cards. Using a powerful word processing programme such as Microsoft Office Word, you can design and print your own business cards, eventually saving invaluable money. However, basic computer knowledge is a mandatory prerequisite in you plan to print your own business cards. All you will need apart from that is a computer with Microsoft Office Word installed on it, a coloured printer and a few sheets of business card quality paper.


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    In Word 2007 and above, open a blank document and save it to your hard drive. Click the ‘Mailings’ tab and look for ‘Create’ section.

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    In the ‘Create’ section under the ‘Mailings’ tab, click Labels to open the ‘Envelopes and Labels’ window. In this window, type all the information which you want to display on your business card. Typically, this will include you name, the name of your company and your designation, the physical address and a line about the company motto. At this point, there is no need to worry about details such as font size, colour and formatting because you will take care of that in the steps to come.

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    Decide the number and size in which you want to print the business cards. Now it comes to adjusting the size of the business card in Word. There is no defined rule for the size of a business card. You can choose any size that you like. But remember that it’s a business card you are printing, not a Valentine’s Day card or a wedding invitation card. So, a very large business card will look very awkward. Similarly, if the card is too small, it will not serve its purpose properly.

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    Typically, the size of business cards in UK is 3.35 × 2.16 inches. Click on the ‘Options’ button in the ‘Envelopes and Labels’ window and from the ‘Product number:’ list, choose ‘Business Card’ with these dimensions and click ‘OK’. This will return you to the ‘Envelopes and Labels’ window and click ‘New Document’.

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    This will divide an A4 Word page into ten business card sections. Edit and format the text the way you will want the business card to look. Choose details such as font size, font colour, orientation etc. Give the ‘Print’ command to start printing your own business cards in Microsoft Word.

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