How to Make a Coupon in Microsoft Word

If you are planning to create coupons for your new product launch or to boost the sales of your store, then you have reached the right place. Here you can learn about using Microsoft (MS) Word to create coupons. The MS Word allows you to make customised coupons, with the content of your choice, along with your desired fonts and picture displayed on them. The process is really easy to follow and even a novice user of MS Word can make a beautiful coupon by using MS Word’s “Text Box” option.

So, make your mind about the things you want to mention on the coupons and start building it on MS Word.


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    Open MS Word and click on Insert tab. You can now insert the text box by clicking on the “Shapes” button and then clicking on the text box. If you want to have a look at different pre-installed layouts of the text box, you should click the arrow that is displayed at the bottom of the “Text Box” button appearing on the task bar. Select the design of your choice and click on it.

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    Now draw the text box on your MS Word document.  You can draw any size for now and can amend it later. You can also change the border thickness later.

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    Click on the text box. It will open a new window in the task bar, saying “Text Box Tools,” highlighted in orange colour. At the right corner of the “Format” tab that just appeared under text box tools, you will see “Height” and “Width” setting options. Set the height to 1.5” and width to 3.5”.

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    Click the “Shape Outline” present in the middle of the task bar. You can now select the type of outline. To create a coupon, you should try to click “Dashes” and choose any of the dotted lines available. This will be used to make the coupon-clipper. The default colour of the border will be black. To change the colour, click on “Shape Outline” once again, and select the colour from the small coloured boxes appearing in front of you.

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    Click on the text box and enter the coupon information. You can now set the font size, colour and style by going to the “Home” tab.

  • 6

    If you want to add clip art to your coupon, then click “Insert” tab followed by “Clip Art” and then enter the key term used in your coupon. For instance, if you are creating coupons for ice-cream, then you should write “Ice-cream” - without the quotes. A list of clip art will appear, related to your keyword. Select the clip art of your choice and drag it on your coupon.

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