How to Crack Password Protected MS Excel 2007

Excel is software that is being developed by the Microsoft professionals to help people with different statistical and mathematical solutions. Statistical information can be created with the help of Excel. Different designs are available to us and we can use all sorts of tools to interpret different sets of data available to us. It is highly unlikely that someone will just use Excel software to store data in it. You need to input data and choose different fields. All sort of statistical functions are available in Excel and you can even opt for the user defined functions to run any queries.

A business is interested in lending some finished goods to the customers than they have to create an invoice to keep a track of that transaction. Actually every trading activity is invoiced these days to make sure that there are no differentials that can rise at the end of the fiscal period and no frauds can be committed in this regard. However, consider that you have done all the hard work. All statements are prepared and different sort of implications of data are found. Several graphs are created and everything is ready to be transformed into a report but you can’t remember the password that you set to the file. Everything is stuck behind a combination of words and you are helpless.


  • 1

    Visit the website Last Bit and download the Excel 2007 password from that website. Start the installation process. Click start then all programs and Excel 2007 password. Open it.

  • 2

    Click start then browse the Excel document you want to recover. Click Open.

  • 3

    If the password is recovered, payment will be asked for to retrieve the information. If it’s not, nothing will happen.

  • 4

    Another method is to download Excel Password Recovery Master which is available at the Rixler Software website. Install the software and repeat the same procedure as stated in the previous steps to open the file for which password recovery is required.

  • 5

    You can also download as software Excel Key from Passware website and install it. Similarly, follow the steps stated above to find the password of the Excel file.

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