How to Start your Computer in Safe Mode

Computers have different modes within, and Safe Mode is one of them. It runs the machine with a limited set of files and drivers. As a result, most of software you manually install don’t appear in safe mode.

This mode has not been generated without any purpose. It is useful for troubleshooting. There is a solid possibility that you may not be able to remove one particular program from your system. In such situation, Safe mode comes into play. Just start you computer in safe mode and make required changes.

Sometimes, you need to run computer in Safe mode in order to install a program. The latest antivirus programs can be installed in normal mode, but the proper working does not start unless you go through the registry process in Safe mode. Starting your system in Safe mode is not a tough thing to do.

Here we discuss how to run computer on Safe Mode, when using Windows XP. But the procedure is almost identical in all new versions of Windows.


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    First of all, turn off your system if it is running. Shut down Windows properly, using the special option in the ‘Start’ menu.

  • 2

    Wait for at least 30 seconds and turn the system on by pushing the power button.

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    Once the power button is pressed, the system will start loading Windows. Although the particular moment comes after a little while, it is always better to start tapping the F8 key as soon as you turn the computer on. However, don’t start it too early, because this may create a ‘keyboard error’.

    Wait for a few seconds after pushing the power button and then start tapping the F8 key. If you system comes up with the keyboard error, you will have to restart it. In normal situation, the Windows Advances Options Menu will appear.

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    Scroll down and select the Safe mode option. Press Enter, and the computer will begin to run in Safe Mode.

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    After finishing with the troubleshooting, close all the programs and restart your system as you normally do.

  • 6

    If you have multiple operating systems installed on your system, you have to go through a few stages to reach the Safe mode.

    Once the system is restarted, it will come up with the list of available operating systems. Use the arrow keys to select the one you want to use.

    Press Enter and start tapping the F8 key immediately afterwards. The chances of a keyboard error are slim in this case.

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