How to Make a Machinima in Minecraft

In the animation industry, most of the animators use video games like Minecraft to produce the computer animation. Using the computer graphics reproduction engines, mostly 3D, to create a cinematic production is called Machinima. This technique has been so successful that the animators are using it in the conventional media productions. However, it has benefits and cons at the same time.

Machinima is simple as compared to other types of animation but it reduces the range of expressions of your characters. Similarly, it is economical but some believe that you have to compromise on the quality. That is why; you should follow a standard procedure while making Machinima in Minecraft.


  • 1

    Hide the heads-up display:

    You must ensure that the heads-up display, also known as HUD, is not creating disturbance for camera angle. To hide HUD, you should press F1; this command will not only clear everything for the cameraman but also help you in avoiding the “gamey” look.

  • 2

    Use Craft Bukkit:

    The animation experts believe that Craft Bukkit can perform better than the usual Minecraft client. You can get it from the official website of the company. This substitution will enable you to get higher angles and ultimately there will be more diversity in your production.

  • 3

    Create multiple buildings:

    You should not rely on single layer of structure rather create multiple buildings to keep the viewers engaged. This can be done without any extra effort in Bukkit and you will be amazed to see that the outcome is thoroughly top grade.

  • 4

    Use FRAPS:

    Next thing you should do is to cater the frame rate. Most of the programmes do not provide you assistance to adjust the frame rate but FRAPS is very cooperative in this regard. Moreover, it does not affect the quality.

    However, the high quality of production requires more space on your computer.

  • 5

    Take care of lighting:

    The most common mistake people make is that they do not use torch wisely during night scenes. This blunder makes these scenes dark and ultimately making Machinima becomes a futile exercise. To avoid this, the experts setup torch behind the camera and get the perfect brightness in video.

  • 6

    Press F8:

    Many times, the animators complain that Minecraft restricts the camera movement. This problem can be solved by pressing F8 before starting the shooting.

  • 7

    Press F:

    If you want more clarity in the visuals then press “F” as this will help you in controlling the level of fog.

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