How to Use Avg Anti Virus Protection

AVG is one of the most renowned Antivirus programs around the globe. AVG, a product of, is rated as one of the best antivirus programs available along with McAfee, Norton, Avast and Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin.

Many believe that AVG antivirus program is extremely difficult to use when compared with others. However, in reality, it is one of the easiest and most efficient programs, and one can comfortably utilize its services on the computer.


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    Purchase the AVG antivirus program from any recognised shop or download the software from It is recommended to download or purchase the full version, which has extensive and advanced scanning options.

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    After installing the program, enable the automatic update services, as it will help you to have the latest virus definitions. One can also update the AVG antivirus program manually. In order to it manually, one must right click on the AVG icon at your taskbar, and click on the ‘Check for Updates’ icon.

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    AVG has an email scanner in it as well, and one must enable to ensure that the incoming emails are properly scanned to protect your computer from virus infections.

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    One must fully scan the computer after installing the AVG antivirus program to clean all the infections. In addition, one can also make a specific scan by right clicking on any folder, and clicking on the ‘Scan it’ option.

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    It is recommended to follow default action when a virus is found. There are several options once confronted with virus; heal the infected file, delete the infected file, quarantine the infected file or wipe it off the computer. However, before taking any action, make sure you read the help section in order to know which action should be taken.

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    Make sure that you set a daily, weekly or monthly scheduled computer scan in order to protect your computer from getting infected with viruses. It is recommended to run the scan on a daily basis, but as the process is time consuming, one can set it to a weekly scan.

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