How to Eliminate Negativity from your System

It’s not easy being me.

Whatever I touch goes wrong.

If there is one person who is doomed to fail it has to be me.

My future is ruined; I can’t get a single thing right while my colleagues are prospering like anything.

Everybody seems so chilled out. Oh God, I am the only one having problems in life.

These are just some of the negative thoughts which cross our minds on a daily basis, aren’t they. Negativity has become an essential part of our system and while some may argue that the growing distance between people and their creator is the sole reason for that, it is a fact that we have developed some poor habits and thinking patterns which contribute to our misery.

Life, as we know it, can never be perfect. Happiness is complemented by grief and there isn’t a single person in this world who can claim otherwise. Off course, the set of troubles can differ greatly from one person to another, but everybody goes through the grind sometime or the other.

Yet, there are some people, who tackle the difficult the difficult situations head on while there are others, and that includes most of us, who just sit back worrying about what has happened, or will happen in future. These thought promote nothing but negativity and if you are someone who are facing this dilemma, there are a couple of must do’s which have been detailed in this article.


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    Channelize Your Thoughts

    Whenever you are down on moral and start contemplating about all the negative things, honestly ask yourself whether it is true and if you actually believe it. There are 90 percent chances that your answer will be no. This is the point where you have to alter your thinking pattern and streamline your focus on all the possible solutions to the problem at hand.

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    Channelize Your Remarks and Criticism

    Focus on the positives rather than negatives. Not a single day goes by when you don’t have to interact with people. Each person you deal with will definitely have some positives and some bad habits. Make it a point to concentrate on the good part and even when a critical comment is right at your lips, stop it from coming out. Consciously make an effort to do that for a few days and soon you will see a good change in your thinking pattern.

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