How to Elope In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a tourist paradise in United States that is famous for casinos, night life and food. Beside all this, there is one more thing that makes this city famous all over the world and that is ratio of civil marriages.

Couples, who love each other and do not find their families supportive, find eloping in Vegas the perfect solution. There is no doubt that this method is the easiest way to get away from all the troubles and start a new journey with your partner. However, you must follow some directions to make your decision count.


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    Review your decision:

    You must not jump on to conclusions; rather, be wise and check the merit of your decision. You must keep all the positives and negatives in mind and then decide. Make sure that you are not one of those who elope in Vegas in the heat of moment and then regret it afterwards. Be prepared for the rejections of your relatives.

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    Find a place:

    In Vegas, you can get married in church, synagogue, wedding chapel or office of the County Commissioner of Civil Marriages. You may browse internet for this purpose as there are lists of places where you can tie the knot on a moment’s notice. For instance, county commissioner’s office does not require any appointment and you can get a marriage license from 8 AM to 10 PM. However, if you want to get married at some specific place, time or date then you may have to make reservations. Ask your partner and then decide the way you want to get married.

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    Get proper dress:

    The wedding day is the most memorable day of your life and you should put all the efforts to make it extra special. You must be dressed properly on this auspicious moment. There are some chapels that provide formal wear but most of the times you will have to arrange yourself.

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    Arrange other essentials:

    Eloping in Vegas does not mean that you will have an unexciting wedding ceremony. You may get a wedding package or arrange everything on your own. Ask the Las Vegas Tourism Bureau for help and they will definitely assist you.

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    Get a marriage license:

    Now comes the most important thing, the marriage license. You will have to follow a procedure to obtain this license. First of all, submit a license application and then provide all the documents to prove yourself eligible for the marriage license. It is easy if you are going through proper channel.

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    Show your license:

    Bring your license to the church and get the blessings of priest. If you have chosen a chapel or office of civil marriages then you will have to take this license there as well.

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