How to Find Hotels in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is the largest and capital city of Mongolia, and if you have made up your mind visiting this place, you are lucky. The first thing that may come to your mind after you decide to make a trip to Mongolia is how to find hotels and where you will stay during the trip. Ulaanbaatar boasts lots of hotels with all the amenities and facilities you will find elsewhere.

Finding hotels in Ulaanbaatar is not hard and local directories can help you locate many hotels. However, the things that may concern you the most is quality of service and charges.


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    First off, make a list of things you want at hotels. Write down your preferred amenities that you want in Ulaanbaatar hotels. Hotels in Ulaanbaatar range from small-scale, simple (usually with a single bed, a light and a fan to keep things cool) hotels to expensive seven star ones. These simple hotels may also feature kids’ area, sports facilities (although not comparable to those available in expensive hotels). Some of these hotels even have on-site spa.

    The list will help you distinguish low quality hotels from good ones. If you want to stay in hotels that give corporate-feeling and are usually for tourists, add it to your list. You may also stay want personal interaction, so keep these points in view while the list of amenities and facilities you want. If you do not write down these things, you may run the risk of getting the service you do not want.

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    Read Ulaanbaatar travels guides available on the market. You can use the Internet to find travel guides. These guides not only give you tips on the trip, but they also feature prominent hotels according to their rates and amenities. Do a Google search and you will find several travel guides.

    People, who make the trips to different places, usually write their reviews on these websites. So, it can be a good idea to have a brief look at travel guides. You can compare reviews and come up with your own plans.

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    Contacting a travel agent is always a good way to learn about hotels in any country or city. Go to a travel agent and keep your list (that you have prepared) with you. You can ask the travel agent about prominent hotels in Ulaanbaatar, their charges, facilities and amenities, location, etc.

    Most of the times, travel agents tell the visitors about hotels. So, be ready to pay extra charges as your will demand his/her commission.

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