How to Enjoy a Trip to Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island is one of the most amazing holiday destinations. It is situated along the east shore of the USA from South Carolina to Florida. Moreover, it is around 13 miles long. It will be interesting to know that it was named after princess and daughter, Amelia of King George II of Great Britain.

If you want to go on a trip to Amelia Island in Florida, you have to make a good plan for it so as to enjoy your stay to the fullest. You can plan your trip by taking help from the given steps.


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    First of all, you have to contact with all your friends and family members who will be willing to go with you. Try to contact everyone who is close to you. If you don’t have anybody’s number, you can just email him. You must try to gather as much people as you can for the trip. However, if someone doesn’t want to go, you shouldn’t force him.

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    Then, you have to make a budget for the trip. It is extremely important for you to keep your budget flexible. You have to take into account all kinds of expenses including the travelling costs, hotel tariffs and recreational expenses.

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    After preparing the budget, you have to divide the total expense amongst all your friends. You must divide the expenses equally. However, if any of your friends cannot afford to pay the money, you can simply distribute his share with the others.

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    If you are planning to visit during the peak season, you must make the hotel reservations in advance because it is very hard to get rooms at the eleventh hour.

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    You must also plan for the recreational activities at the Island in order to enjoy it. There are many activities which you can perform during your trip which mainly include paragliding, surfing and swimming. Besides, you can also go to the golf courses. Furthermore, you can also visit the historical sites.

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    On the other hand, if you are planning to go on a vacation with someone special, you may have to plan everything on your own. Nonetheless, you can take help from your partner or you can contact a consultant who plans different tours within the country.

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