How to Take in the Ramblas in Barcelona

Are you looking to squeeze the most out of your visit to Rambla, Barcelona, but you never know how to fully enjoy as you have never been there before. Visiting La Rambla can be a great experience if you know what place to visit and how to spend your money on the best stuff.

A street in central Barcelona, Spain, Rambla attracts hundreds of tourists and visitors every month. If you go down the street in summer, you cannot find a place to set your foot on. Since Rambla is home to many shopping areas and shops, there are usually more tourists than locals, strolling past the shops and buildings.


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    Rambla is the best place for those crazy about eating out. There are several good restaurants that offer all kinds of food to tourist and locals alike. There are local food and international as well. If you are not on a tight budget, you can spend the entire day, tasting different cuisines. Rambla is an affordable destination with the best eating places, fabulous hotels, and most importantly, wonderful weather and friendly people.

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    Cheap, comfortable hotels

    If you are visiting Spain for a couple of days and your stay is in Barcelona, Rambla could be the best place for you. If you do not want to consumeĀ a lot of money on accommodation, you can find dozens of cheap, yet comfortable hotels at Rambla.

    You can compare the charges of hotels at Rambla with that of hotels in other areas of the city before creating up your mind. Ask your travel agent if you are having trouble finding good hotels. There are also luxury hotels, but if you are on tight budget, choosing simple hotels will be a good option for you.

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    Night life

    Nights of Rambla have always been alive and you have plenty of enjoy if you want to stay up all night in the city. The street is usually heavily crowded in the day, but it is hard to find empty places in the night as well. Street performers, restaurants and small stalls selling different items usually attract tourists and markets usually remain open until late in the night.

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    Prominent places

    The entire Rambla is worth seeing, but there are certain places that visitors love to visit. There are many historical places like a museum and art galleries. Museu Maritim, a Maritime Museum, has been one of the major attractions for tourists. Font de Canaletes fountain is also one of the most visited places in Rambla.

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