How to Go Out in New York on a Budget

New York; The city of skyscrapers and endless attractions. It is included in one of the most expensive cities of the world. Here you will find great attractions and services but most of these come with a heavy price tag. Going out in New York can be particularly expensive and hard on your pocket. However, this certainly does not mean that you cannot enjoy this diverse and bustling city in a budget. There are a lot of things you can enjoy around the city without a blow to the cash. You just need to look around for them because the best of places are always the hardest to find. Step by step guide makes it easy for you by listing down enjoyable things you could do in the city when you go out on a budget.


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    Row at the central park:

    The central park is open for rowing daily through the months of April to October. For a ticket of $8, you can have a great deal of fun out in the waters. The activity is best for a peaceful day out and a picnic event where everything is a slow affair and not rushed. Central park can also be used for hiking and fishing.

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    Folk Art museum:

    For those with an interest in human craft, this museum is a treat to enjoy. It has a marvelous permanent exhibit, depicting American folk art. On Friday evenings, the entry is free and there is a musical program at the museum. So you get to enjoy both art and live music for free. Apart from this museum, you can also check for the ‘free days’ at others.

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    Go for the small cozy eat ins:

    When you go out, you do not necessarily have to choose an expensive dinner. Look for small cozy yet elegant places that offer good food and have a friendly environment. At the end of the day. What matters is the taste of the food that you ate.

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    Broadway and cinema:

    Look out for cheap broadway and cinema tickets. It is a general trend that tickets are more expensive on the weekends when everyone is free and less expensive on the weekdays. Choosing a weekday for going out can save you good bucks. The Landmark Sunshine Cinema is a great place to go out to and enjoy a good movie in a romantic environment.

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    Get a tourist pass:

    The New York city pass comes at a price of $80. This pass grants you access to six major attractions of  the city, namely Museum, Ellis Island and the Empire State Building, along with three other museums. This pass can be bought from tourism bureau near Times Square

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