How to Become a Flight Attendant in Canada

The job of flight attendant can be fun and a great learning experience. If you wish to get a flight attendant job in Canada, there are several opportunities and your prospects are brighter. Before you try to join an airline in Canada and get your dream job, you need to take into account many things.

Since there is no specific degree for flight attendants, you will have to rely on your basic education. You will get a job in any Canadian airline and then they will give you proper training of flight attendant. In addition to attractive salary, there are other things like free traveling across the globe and discount plane tickets that can make anyone want to become a flight attendant.


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    Must have a valid Canadian passport

    This is the most important thing when you apply for a flight attendant job in Canada. If you have applied for the Canadian passport, you will need to wait until you get it as non-Canadians cannot get a job as flight attendant.

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    Must meet the age requirement and medical standards

    If you are not 18 years old, you cannot get a job as a flight attendant in any Canadian airline. Airlines are pretty strict about age limit, as they also do not prefer candidates in late 20s. In addition to this, you should meet certain medical standards outlined by a company you are applying for. Companies have their own set of medical standards, but are similar mostly.

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    Get a GED or high school diploma

    Since the minimum for a flight attendant job is 18 years, the candidate must have a high school diploma or GED. Since flight attendant job mainly deals with customer relation and customer care, it is not necessary to have certain technical education or certification. Every company provides training to new candidates while paying full salary as per the contract.

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    Improve your English and French

    If you do not like speaking and avoid interacting with people, this job is not for you. Flight attendants are expected to communicate with the passengers during long-hour flights, which your language skills should be sound enough to make you the right candidate. Since English and French are common languages spoken all across Canada, having strong speaking skills can help you get the job more easily.

    Most of the candidates do not know French, ignoring a large population of the country that speaks this language. If you gain command over French language, you will gain an edge over other candidates.

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    Get some experience with an airline

    In order to become a flight attendant, you will be required to have some experience with an airline. There are lots of job opportunities in different companies. Since flight attendants are not supposed to know the engineering or technical side, getting a job is much easier.

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