How to Eat and Drink for Free In Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is a tourist haven in the United States which is famous for its night life, gambling, shopping and above all, fine dining. However, you might want to have some extra cash to spend in this “Entertainment capital of the world”.

Hotels and casinos can be rather expensive when it comes to food. However, if you do not have a large budget then it does not mean that you will starve in this splendid tourist spot. There are many ways to get free food and drinks in this city.


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    Ask your travel agent for favourable deals:

    The first thing you need to do is to ask your travel agent or tour planner for some special discounts. You may find a deal in which a hotel is charging just for the lodging and all the meals are free. The prominent travel agencies always have contacts with hotels and resorts as they can get extra discounts or special packages for you. If you are on your own then browse the internet and compare packages of different hotels.

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    Spend graciously on a casino table:

    It is a common practice in Vegas that the casino management offers you complimentary food. However, you will have to spend extra bucks on the tables or slot machines for gambling. It is kind of trying your luck as you can double the amount in seconds and walk away with both a filled pocket and stomach.

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    Look for free coupons:

    Another way to eat and drink free in Las Vegas is to collect free coupons. Sometimes, airlines, travel agencies, retail stores or even cafes give you complimentary coupons. While checking in, you should ask the front desk officer about any free meal offers. Do not hesitate in asking for extra coupons as you will be able to eat or drink without spending even a single penny for a few days.

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    Make a group deal:

    Many hotels and bars in Vegas offer “buy one get one free” type of deals. Another form of this offer is that the person who brings a certain number of customers can get a free meal as commission. Consider such deals and enjoy the finest dining in the world for free.

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    Get a “suspended meal”:

    There is a new theory coming into practice in Vegas which is based on the concept that a person pays for an extra meal and the hotel management gives this to a needy person later. Ask the desk clerk for a “suspended meal” and you can enjoy some free food.

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