How to Go Ghost Hunting in Baltimore

Ghost hunting has become quite popular over the past few years as many people seek the thrill and excitement of the unknown. There are many scary places that exist throughout cities like Baltimore which are perfect for ghost hunting. Put together a group of friends and head over to a haunted location and have some fun ghost hunting. You can follow some basic techniques to help you learn how to go ghost hunting in Baltimore.

Things Required:

– Digital Still Camera
– Digital Video Camera
– Infrared Thermometer
– Flashlights
– Map of Baltimore


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    Baltimore has some rich American history and locations which also makes it a spooky place with graves of some important people. The presence of famous graveyards and old buildings can bring chills down your spine. It is important to note down different historical places throughout Baltimore that are rumoured to be haunted. You can information on the internet to help you pinpoint different places to visit on your map.

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    Once you have noted down some important places in Baltimore to visit, put together your gear. You will need an infrared thermometer and a digital camera capable of taking both still photos and video. Since you will be going out during the nighttime, it is a good idea to take some flashlights as well.

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    Put your group together and make sure that these people are not the type that are going to run off screaming the first chance they get. It is usually best to have a nice mix of friends and family members in your group that are serious about ghost hunting and interested in exploring different part of Baltimore.

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    The legend of the phantom is very popular in Baltimore where it is believed that in the 50's a phantom with supernatural powers haunted the people as they heard footsteps on their roofs. It is a good idea to make a note of all the different urban legends that are associated with various parts of Baltimore to help you with your ghost hunting. Once you have prepared everything take your map out and start exploring.

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    Visit Ft. Garrison, a fort built in 1693 and was used during the Revolutionary War days. People of the area believe that this fort now houses three ghosts.

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    Visit Edgar Allen Poe's Grave, he is regarded as the father of the horror genre and received flowers and a bottle of Champagne on his birthday even today. It is interesting that nobody knows how these items get to his grave. Visiting the grave in the darkness of the night could require a lot more courage than you think. Also, visiting his house might be a good idea as many unexplainable things have been sighted and heard there.

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    Moving to Fells Point should also be in your plans as the locals claim to have sighted soldiers from the Revolutionary War walking and then disappearing without a trace.

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