Things to Do in Palermo Sicily Italy

Sicily’s capital, Palermo is a combination of palaces and medieval buildings. The city has a lot of energy and the streets are always bustling. Some say that it lacks the beauty of Florence but it has a charm as it survived many invasions, raids and conquests. You may spend many months there and still not discover the whole of it. there are numerous places to see and things to do. It can be difficult to decide from where to start the journey as it has a lot of landmarks, events and great markets.


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    Via Vittorio Emanuele

    This is the main street in the city so start with a stroll here. You will be looking at Palazzo dei Normanni which is a palace and currently the office for the regional government. As you stroll along, you will see buildings of different styles: norman, arab and byzantine, they all are a proof of their control on the region. Do not forget to see the fountain which is called the Quattro Canti.

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    Tasting Cannoli

    This is Sicily’s most delicious invention. These are cones filled with ricotta cheese and then deep fried. Even if you have tried them elsewhere, you will find the best in Palermo. People say that the taste is incomparable to the copies found around the world. so do not forget to keep room for these in your belly.

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    The Sober Catacombs

    They are called Catacombe dei Cappuccini in Palermo. They were built in 1533 and is house to the first mummified body of their own priest. Around 17th century onwards, the rich people filled the place with the mummified bodies of their loved ones. The basement holds 8000 rich people dressed up in extravagant clothes and are arranged in rows.

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    Street Snacking

    Sicily is famous for its culinary and who doesn’t like to try good food on vacation. There are street vendors roaming around with goodies. One of the famous food in streets and restaurants is the milza, it is a special spleen sandwich which is highly recommended by travelers.

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    Palermo Beaches
    The island has a very strategic location. It is in north and only a short distance from many beautiful beaches. Some of the known beaches are: Isola delle Femmine, San Vito lo Capo and Mondello. An annusal beach party is also organized here every May. There are few public beaches on the east side which are smaller but just as beautiful

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    The Wine Pump

    The place is one of Italy’s biggest wine producers. If you haven’t tasted the wine there, your visit is not complete. If you are a heavy drinker and your fun doesn’t get complete without alcohol then head towards Vino & Co in Piazza Marina. It lets you fill up a whole five liter jug with a wine of your choice: white or red. Plan your visit and make sure do not take plastic bottles with you.

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    Go Bargaining in the Vucciria Market

    Palermo has three open air markets but Vucciria tops the list. The market is 700 year old and you easily find budget buys. There are knock-off bags, designer clothes, meats, spices and cheese. The market is open from Monday to Saturday.

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    Architectural Styles at Palermo’s Duomo

    Palermo’s Duomo was built by the Normans in 1184, there were additions from the Naples and Goths later on. The different architectural styles are apparent when you observe the building. It creates an amazing blend of different styles.

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    The Fontana Pretoria

    It is a square full of nude statues. It is called the fountain of shame and was built in 1575. Many people felt disgusted and offended by the fountain.

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    The Godfather at Teatro Massimo

    The Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo is the place where the final scenes of the Godfather movie were shot. If you are a Godfather fan, you will surely recognize this place. Even if you aren’t fond of the movie, the theater there is worth a visit.

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