How to Climb South America\’s Aconcagua

Aconcagua is a 6,960.8 meter high mountain in the Andes mountain range of Argentina. Throughout the year, professional mountaineers come to climb this mountain as it is one of the most non-technical peaks in the world.

However, this does not mean that anyone can just come and climb the mountain. Despite the simplicity, it requires some expertise to accomplish this uphill task. You will have to keep many factors in mind such as training, gear, safety and of course your abilities or skills if you want to climb South America’s Aconcagua.


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    Get training:

    If you are climbing for the first time then it is best to get some training. There are many clubs and training institutes from where you can learn the various techniques of mountaineering. While climbing the Aconcagua, you will face different types of difficulties such as challenging weather condition, unusual routes and oxygen deficiency in your lungs. This basic training will enable you to overcome all these troubles and successfully climb the mountain.

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    Do some research:

    Next thing you should do is to equip yourself with necessary information about this mountain. The best method is to talk with experienced climbers and if you cannot find anyone then browse the internet for this purpose. You will find many websites and blogs where the relevant literature is freely available. This research will benefit you as almost every study shows that Aconcagua is relatively easy to climb from the North. You can get useful information, tips and advice by doing some extensive research about this mountain.

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    Get fit:

    After gathering all the information, it’s time to get fit for this adventure. You will have to elevate your physical strength. For this purpose, join a mountaineering training club as a professional instructor will teach you how to build stamina for climbing. It is very important that you can physically sustain climbing for extended periods of time.

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    Evaluate yourself:

    Your next step should be self evaluation. Do not overrate yourself otherwise you will face many difficulties during your climb. You can test your fitness level by climbing some low mountains which are not quite as challenging. If you are satisfied with your physical strength and level of endurance then gear yourself up for climbing.

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    Acquire the gear:

    Mountain climbing gear is very special and you cannot replace anything with something else. You should purchase a backpack, snowshoes, poles, oxygen cylinder, goggles etc. Ask an experienced climber and he/she will guide you. Also, always remember to have safety or emergency supplies in case of any situation.

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    Prepare for trip:

    Another important thing to do before climbing Aconcagua is to get a permit. To notify the relevant authority is also important so that they can rescue you in case of any emergency. The authorities should be informed of your plan to climb so that they know your whereabouts at all times.

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    Begin climbing:

    Now, when you are all set to go, make a group of professional mountaineers and start climbing without delay. Be sure your team has some experienced climbers that can help the others out.

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