How to Find Hotels in Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia is one of the best places in the world if you are thinking of making a trip to somewhere that is sunny and has beautiful vacations spots. Finding hotels – that suit your peculiar needs – in this country however can give you a lot of trouble if you do not know where to get the right information from.

Yerevan is the largest and capital city of Armenia and due to its importance from the point of view of tourism, there are lots of vacation spots and a booming hotel industry. Due to stiff competition and the ever-increasing number of tourists coming here every year, hotels have lowered their charges, making it possible for an average person to book a room and enjoy the trip.


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    Make your budget first

    Before you do anything and try to find the location of hotels, you need to know how much money you can spend on accommodation. Without money, you cannot stay anywhere in Armenia (unless someone invites you to stay). However, there are lots of options for people of every income group.

    Once you decide how much money you will spending on accommodation, selecting hotels and looking for amenities will get easier. Make a list of all the main expenses that you will make during your visit to Yerevan, as it will help you set aside money for hotelling without hurting your entire budget.

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    Visit official tourism site

    When all your efforts go down the drain and you are not able to find a list of hotels that fit your budget, you can go to the official website of Armenia tourism. is a website dedicated to providing information about tourism in the country. You can read about different types of accommodation that tourists use during their visit to Yerevan.

    The official website lists all the luxury hotels in the city, but you can also find state-owned rest houses built specifically for tourists. State-owned hotels cost less than those privately-held large hotels. But if you are looking for extra amenities like sports, gym and shopping, you can go for private hotels.

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    Decide what amenities you want

    Once you have figured out how much money you are going to spend on hotelling, you can now write a list of amenities you want at the accommodation. Large, luxury hotels often features amenities like gym, swimming pool, 24/7 internet service, phone, shopping areas, and direct access to beach areas.

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    Read travel guides

    Read current Armenia travel guides to see which hotels can fit your budget.

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