5 Things You Must do When You Visit UK

UK is considered to be a country for romantics, lovers, writers, artists and dreamers. There are several historic sites which you must visit since they are enriched with literature, architecture and arts of the past few centuries. If you see UK, it has a magic vibe. It attracts you towards it. On one end there is a city of that is full of people and the next thing you will see are beautiful fields which help you enjoy your day in fresh environment. There are several spots which you must visit once you are in the UK.

We have listed down a number of things you must do once you are in the UK. This will really serve as a guide for the tourists who are planning to go there for the first time.


  • 1

    Natural History Museum

    It was actually the British History Museum until 1992. It has several life and earth science specimens and there are at least 70 million items in this museum. The best part is the fact that there is no admission fee.

  • 2


    It is one of the most famous sites in the world. Archaeologists believe that this place was created back in 3000BC. However, others claim that the stones were raised in 2200BC. It has been listed in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. It might be a burial ground in the past.

  • 3

    Canterbury Cathedral

    It is the most popular Christian structure in England. It was rebuilt in 1070 so it could be made larger as people wouldn’t fit in. Thomas Becket was murdered in this cathedral back in 1170.

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    Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

    Who doesn’t know about this famous museum? Everyone who visits UK goes to this museum at least once. The reason is that all the famous people who have actually stepped on to this earth, their statues have been made out of wax and have been displayed here with their actual clothes.

  • 5

    Shakespeare’s Hometown

    Every writer and lover will be extremely excited once he visits the hometown of the legendary English writer, Shakespeare. He is still regarded as the greatest writer that the English language has ever seen.

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