How to Empower Peoplewith Disabilities

There many people with disabilities around us and most of the time we think with a feeling of pity for them. However, it is not the right way to deal with them as they start having an inferiority complex that continues haunting them throughout their life. But there is a positive thing that we can do to these people. We can empower these people by giving them equal respect as we have for other normal people.

Thinking is the first thing which will enable us to empower people with disabilities. They want to be treated like other normal human beings and they have every right for that considering that it was not their choice to become disabled. It was their fate over which they have no power. They are the part of our society and we should give them their share as we all normal people have in society.

God has made everyone special and that we have no right to treat the disabled people with a less considerable behaviour. Giving them equal opportunities to work (that they can) can be the most positive step toward empowering them and making them a productive part of the society just like anybody else. For changing the behaviour of people towards those with disabilities, please keep reading this write-up.


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    First of all, you need to make sure that these disabled people take part in every opportunity that they have got to become a productive part of the society.

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    Encourage them without even realising them about their disabilities and let them feel that they can also do the same as other normal people are doing out there.

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    Never let them feel inferior to anything and instead of showing them pity, encourage them by telling them that they have got skills to earn a respectable place.

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    Respect their opinion and help them in acting like normal people. Try to get them out of their inferiority complex and provide them opportunities if you can to become an active person.

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    Do not let them feel that they cannot do things that other normal people can. Make them confident and help them in capitalising their skills which will enable them to think like a normal person.

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    Ensure them that they are the creation of God and that no one is superior to them in the world. They are equal to other humans and they also have abilities to live a respectable life.

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    Behave them just like you do with normal people which will enable them to think of their skills, not about their disabilities.

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    Give them hope that they can do many productive things in life. Give them confidence which will enable them to think in a different way.

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