How to Pop Lock and Drop It

Pop, locking and dropping is a type of a dance which is quite popular in hip hop and it is also used in workouts. It is quite complicated if you are trying it for the first time. However, if you break things down into parts, it will be extremely easy for you to learn this dance form. So take out your hippy clothes and shoes and get ready to dance like a real hip hop artist.


  • 1

    Pick a hip hop song of your choice and play it loudly in your room. Make sure that the beat is fast enough to support a dance, and mellow enough for you to handle. 

  • 2

    Stand in the center of a room with your legs slightly apart. Start shaking your hands and feet and loosen up a bit by jumping right before you start to dance. This step marks the beginning of pop, lock and drop it dance.

  • 3

    Now once you are done with the little warm up before the dance, bend your arms on the sides and bend your knees pointing at each other. You will notice that once you have bent your knees, your body will be leaning forward. Make sure that you do not hurt yourself in the process and keep your head straight.

  • 4

    Now go back up and stand straight in the same position which you were in during the second step.

  • 5

    Bend your right knee with both the arms bent on the sides. Keep your neck straight and lean your body forward. 

  • 6

    Jump back up and repeat the previous step with your left knee. Remember that your whole body must be slightly bent and leaned towards the opposite side.

  • 7

    Now with both knees straight, move your hands above your head. Try not to hold your neck or your head during the process. 

  • 8

    Make a little jump and fall down to the ground just like you would do a squat. In a usual squat you would stop at a certain position, but you will not stop while you are trying to do this dance. Simply drop down all the way to the ground.

  • 9

    Once you are on the ground, don’t stay there. Pop your body back up by giving your body a little jerk. Your body should now be erect and back into the position which you were in during the second step.

  • 10

    Repeat all these steps throughout the song and keep practicing until you are perfect.

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