How to Enclose a Garage

Your garage covers a considerable amount of space, which you may need sometimes if you need more space in your home to accommodate your expanded family. You can execute the project of the garage enclosure yourself. However, you will require proper planning, right type of tools and a determination for completion of the project. Do not make an half-hearted attempt. This will then require you to hire services of a contractor and make you spend more money on it.


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    Draw a Plan

    When you think you are going to enclose garage, plan the project thoroughly. Draw blueprint, including all minute details, tools and material you need until finishing. Also, think of other necessary steps.

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    Think of Legal Requirement/Approvals

    After you have conceived and planned the entire project, think of regulatory or legal requirements. For example, you might need to get your plan approved from the local council.

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    Budget Consideration

    The enclosure project will need considerable budget, and you should think the monetary aspect of the project beforehand. In case you are not financially comfortable to implement the project, you should not start it.

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    Remove Garage Door

    You will need to remove your garage door and either replace it with concrete wall or install French doors. It will largely depend upon your plan, how you want to use the garage space in the extension project. If you do not want to access the garage door space, you may also fix windows.

  • 5

    Designing of Space Inside

    Once you have enclosed the garage space, you can install wood frames or design the space any other way you have planned. There can be many uses of the empty space, and it will be entirely on your plan and budget how you utilise this space.

  • 6

    Walls and Ceiling

    You can then finish the walls and ceiling part of the project.  Some ceilings do not need further work, they are already well done. In that case, you will just need to paint the existing ceiling. This can also save you some money on the project. However, if the ceiling condition is not sustainable, you will have to do it again before painting.

  • 7

    Insulation and Painting of Walls

    If you have built new walls inside the old walls in your garage, you will need to install insulation again, if not then old insulation might be acceptable. However, in case of excessive wear tear, you will need to install insulation again. Also, you should monitor the condition of the walls and if they have holes or rough patches, you will have to fill in the holes and do the patches before painting them. Otherwise, you will be unable to move the blank spots or rough patches.

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