How to Install a Skylight in a Garage Ceiling

Many people prefer installing skylights in garage, as they greatly help them have a light coming in, making the garage bright. It also helps you save electricity bills, as you will not have to turn on the lights during the day time, if you have skylights installed in your garage. Moreover, it also helps the garage atmosphere calm, as the heat coming with the sunrays kills the cold air in the room.

Also, if you have skylights that have window-like opening, you can use it as an exhaust for the hot air during the summer season. Therefore, if you do not have skylight installed in your garage ceiling, you should seriously start thinking about it. If you believe that the installation of the skylight can cost you huge amount of money, you came to the right place, where you can learn about the whole process of installation. You can easily do it by yourself, without any fear of making any mistakes.

Things Required: Weather stripping, Measuring Tape, Pry Bar, Hammer, Chisel, Screwdrivers, Drill, Drill Bits, Driver Bits, Utility Knife, Circular Saw, Hacksaw with Metal-Cutting Blade, Safety Glasses, Work Gloves


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    Using a drilling machine, make holes in the boundaries of the skylight frame on the opposite side. Now chalk the boundaries of the skylight on the roof, where you plan to install it. Now remove the tiles where you will install the skylight. For that purpose, you can use pry bar. Make sure you do not break the tiles, as they will be used later after the skylight is installed in the garage ceiling. Now install blocks at the inner side of the point where you will place the skylight.

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    Take a circular saw and use it to cut the roof, from the chalked area that you marked earlier. Then insert the screws in the piece you cut, which will be used to take off the piece from the roof. Now place the skylight at the hole that you created. You can use spacers or positioning blocks in order to center the new skylight that you are installing.

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    Now, you can secure the skylight from the outer side, by nailing the center of the skylight bracket. Place the tiles around the skylight after cutting them according to the needs. The flashing of the skylight will be enough to stop the rain water to penetrate from the sides of the skylight.

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