How to Reset a Stanley Garage Door Keypad

Stanley garage door opener has made life convenient for so many consumers. The wall-mounted, battery-operated device can be operated through a remote, which enables a person to open the garage door automatically instead of doing it manually. The garage door opener hardly has any complexity involved in it. It simply uses an access code comprising of four digits. A remote can be used to enter this code and consequently open the garage door.

If there is some issue with Stanley garage door keypad, it can be reset, enabling a person to set a new code.


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    The first thing you need to do is to reset your Stanley garage door keypad. In order to do that, press and hold the “ACCESS LEARN” and “RADIO LEARN” keys together for about 10 to 15 seconds. This should turn the keypad “status indicator” light off. If it does not go off, let go off the two keys you are pressing and then press them again. If the key “status indicator” goes off time, you have successfully reset your door keypad.

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    Now press the “ACCESS LEARN” key twice. Each time you press the key, the “status indicator” light will blink. However, the light will stay illuminated after the second blink. Again, if the “status” indicator” does not remain illuminated, repeat the step. You may be doing something wrong.

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    Once the “status indicator” light remains illuminated, punch in the four-digit access code that you want to use. You can either use the code that you had originally set, or you can enter a new code. Make sure you do not set “1-2-3-4” as the access code, since it is the standard access code for all garage door keypads made by Stanley.

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    After you are done entering the new access code, press the “ACCESS LEARN” key once again. The “status indicator” light should turn off now. However, if the light blinks quickly, it indicates that the keypad did not process the access code you just entered correctly and therefore you will have to re-enter the code.

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    Now press the “RADIO BUTTON” key twice. Each time you press the key, the “status indicator” light will blink before eventually remaining illuminated.

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    Enter the “RADIO CODE” that originally came with your Stanley garage opener. Look for it in the paperwork that came with your device.

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    After entering the “RADIO CODE,” press the “RADIO LEARN” key once. This should turn off the “status indicator” light. If it only blinks and illuminates again, re-enter the “RADIO CODE” and press the “RADIO LEARN” key again.

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    If the “status indicator” light turns off, your Stanley garage door is now successfully set up with your new access code.

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