How to Catch a Bird in a Garage

Birds are considered to be amongst some of the most beautiful animals out there. They float about in the air, not caring about the world, since they can go just about anywhere. At the same time, if you are a large bird of prey, then you don’t even have to worry about bigger birds catching you, since you are the lion of the sky.

However, despite these majestic creatures being carefree and rather amazing, they tend to do some rather inexplicable things every now and then.

Most people have gone on to find a bird stuck in their garage. These birds tend to be confused and helpless and with them not knowing what to believe in, they almost always panic when being caught.


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    Bribe the bird with food

    One of the best ways to get the bird to come to you, is to bribe the bird with food. Now, despite birds not having the same cognitive reasoning abilities as humans, they are still easily persuaded by the belief that they will be offered some food.

    Now with language being a barrier between you and the bird, you can simply sprinkle some food around you, and then hold some in your hand, or place it in a cage. Should things go according to plan, then you could easily lure the uneducated bird into your trap.

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    Corner the bird

    Now the next best thing to do is to corner the bird. You may do this by threatening it with weapons or holding bodies of stuffed birds. Telling the bird it will face the same fate if it doesn’t listen to you and get caught, could help it see otherwise.

    Try using two or more people to corner the bird and threaten it, so that it has very little breathing space, and room to float around in the garage.

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    Reason with the bird

    If all else fails, try and reason with the bird. Try and develop a telepathic connection with it, and tell it that you are trying to help it, as opposed to causing it any harm.

    Now this telepathic message that you are trying to send the bird doesn’t need to be the truth, since you can try and say anything, just to catch the bird.

    Chances are, this is going to be very hard to do, but should this work, make sure you make a video to prove to everyone what you have done.

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