How to Park Your Car Perfectly In the Garage

Parking is arguably the most difficult part of driving for many people around the world, especially women. However, it is not such a difficult task only if you understand the basic rules and tricks.

The most common problem faced by each one of us while driving is having a difficulty in parallel parking and checking-in to the garage. To learn how to do the latter, you need a little knowledge and a lot of practice. People usually do not have space for more than one car in their garage. So, one has to know how to park properly.


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    It is necessary to understand the behaviour of the car while parking. Therefore, it is necessary to know the features of the vehicle. For example, with the same dimensions, turning radius of the front wheel drive is the largest while it could be smallest with the rear wheel drive.

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    An effective way to park your car in garage is through reverse parking. However, for this method, a driver needs to pay attention to the side mirrors.  So, to park in a garage or between two cars, you need to drive a little forward. The rear bumper of your car should be level with the hood of the other car or garage wall.

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    If you want to make a manoeuvre to the left, you also need to turn the steering wheel to the left. After that you need to change the shift to reverse the car. Now slowly move the car after looking at the side mirrors and the rear view mirror. You need to be very careful while driving backwards, as you cannot see certain things from the mirrors which are supposed to be on the right side.

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    As soon as the car starts to make a turn backwards to the right of the mirror, then you need to focus on the two mirrors together. Align the car if you see it is not going straight.

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