How to Catch a Rat in a Garage

It is extremely difficult to catch a rat that is hiding somewhere in your house. They are very fast and cannot be spotted easily. A rat can cause a lot of damage to your place so catching it as quickly as possible is very important. For this you need to carefully plan and place a trap in areas where you think the rat moves. You need to notice trails of food droppings in your garage to predict the place where the rat must be hiding, before you place the snap trap.


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    Identify the areas

    First of all, it is important to confirm whether the rat is still there in the garage or not. It might have gone out so you need to make sure that the work you are doing is worth it. Identify the areas where the rat has been hiding for most of the time. This can be determined by following trails of food droppings throughout your garage. The rats generally hide in areas where there is no traffic.

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    Select a method to trap the rat

    There are various methods to trap a rat which include the snap trap, electronic trap and a glue trap. The most commonly used one is the snap trap which has a loaded spring that catches the rat once it comes for the cheese. These traps are easy to place and have been very successful in recent times.

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    Bait the trap with cheese

    You need to bait the trap with something that the rat likes so that it comes to get it and is caught. The bait may include cheese, bacon or dry fruit. Cheese is generally a very good option as it has a unique smell which the rats and mice love.

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    Carefully place the trap to catch the rat

    The placement of the trap is the most important thing. You need to place the trap close to the area where you are sure that the rat is hiding. This would provide you with a great chance of catching it and is less time.

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