How to Build a Garage

Whether it is winter or summer, you would certainly not want your car to be exposed and parked outside in an open space. This is because it will not only spoil the body paint of your car but it is also unsafe at the same time. If it is winter and you have parked your car in an open roofless space, it may take some time to start and often it doesn’t. On the other hand, if it is summer then you should practice to sit in the microwave oven before sitting in your car. For your information, it is not too difficult to build a garage as you can do it all by yourself. As it will hardly require four foundations, a shelter and some coverage so it is better to make one that can also be shifted or removed whenever required.

Things Required:

Four Wooden Pillars of equal length for Foundation
Shovel for digging foundations
PVC roofing
Plastic sheets for covering
Aluminum Ladder
measuring tape
Iron Nails


  • 1

    First of all, find the space where you will make the garage. Make sure it is close to your house and no one in your neighborhood has any problem if you build a garage.

  • 2

    If you have found or located the space for building the garage, mark the area or the space according to the dimensions of your car.

  • 3

    After marking the space, dig four foundations of equal depth checking with measuring tape for the wooden pillars. Keep two successive pillars at a distance such that your car can comfortably assemble.

  • 4

    Place the wooden pillars in each foundation in such a way that their tops are at the same height from the measured ground level.

  • 5

    Refill the foundations with mud or sand strongly enough so that they do not fall or uprooted if there is a storm or strong wind blowing across.

  • 6

    Place the PVC roofing carefully over the four pillars and pin the nails at the corners where the roof is supported by the wooden pillars standing on the Aluminum ladder.

  • 7

    Cover the three sides of the garage with plastic sheets just like a green house leaving one end open for your car to enter inside. Pin few nails on the edges to strongly fix the sheets on the wooden pillars.

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