How to Run a Garage Sale

Learning how to run a garage sale is one way to help your family survive the recession. Everyone has stuff around that they never use that can easily be converted into some much needed cash. You will be surprised at the fact that many of your old items which you do not need are sought out by bargain hunters in garage sales. If you want to run a garage sale then follow some simple instructions for help.

Things Required:

– Signs
– Flyers
– Old items to sell
– Refreshments (optional)


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    First, you need to recruit as many families as possible for your garage sale. If you will have different families involved in your garage sale, your experience of the sale will become interesting. Also, the work load will be divided among different members, making the various jobs much easier for everyone. Plus, the more stuff you have for sale the more attractive your garage sale will be to prospective customers.

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    Publicise your sale as much as you can. Use every opportunity to spread the word about your garage sale and bring in more customers. Make computer printed or handwritten cardboard signs and tack them up around the neighbourhood. Check with local businesses like grocery stores and supermarkets to ask if you can post advertisements on their community bulletin boards. Do not forget online resources. You can post ads on your local Craigslist. Plain old word of mouth may be your most valuable asset. If you have lots of families involved, they can invite all their friends, relatives and co-workers.

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    When selling your items, you should focus on the most profitable ones. Used furniture, appliances and other major items will help bring in more cash in less time than lower priced items. Put your effort into collecting and promoting the most valuable items.

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    Be hospitable. Make people feel welcome and encourage them to stay and browse. You can start by greeting everyone with a smile and offering to help if they have any questions or are looking for something special. You may want to consider putting out cheap but fun refreshments like a big bowl of popcorn or some lemonade.

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    Price everything to move. If you have items that are more difficult to sell, you can plan ahead to avoid still being stuck with them at the end of the day. It will not make much difference to your bottom line whether you sell old paperback books for 10 cents or 25 cents so decide in favour of the bargain prices to help sell your items quickly.

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