How to End a First Date

First date is always exciting as you get a chance to know someone which can become a very special person in the future. There are no pet rules how to behave on the first date as the conditions vary from time to time and person to person. However, there are certain guidelines which you must follow in order to have a perfect date. First impression in the first date may matter a lot. The most important thing which matters in the first date though, is how you end it, which can be quite tricky.


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    Never feel shy

    First of all, keep in mind that you don’t have to feel shy about anything. If you feel anything about the person with whom you are dating, just express it. For instance, if you liked spending time with that person, you must say it right away. Don’t wait for any special moment to express anything, just say it when you feel it.

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    Make it count

    Timing is very important to make a good impression on somebody’s mind. For instance, if you ate something during your date, don’t discuss it during the ending. The ending is meant to make a move, no matter how minute its effect is. If you have been impressed with what you experienced during the date, make the best use of the parting moment and compliment about something which intrigued you.

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    Go home separately

    If you are looking forward to a good long-term relationship with the person, never take him or her home in the first date as it appears  quite creepy. However, you can spend some time in a park or you can go and watch a movie in a cinema.

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    Say goodnight prudently

    Saying goodnight after the first date is the trickiest thing. Therefore, you must do it prudently. It is very important for you to weigh all the odds before taking any step. Usually, a good date is ended with a kiss on a cheek. However, if you think that it is not the right option to end up your first date, you can wait for it and can only rely on a handshake.

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