How to Escape From an Armbar

There are just some moves when it comes to wrestling and martial arts that are mind boggling and seem impossible to escape from. One of those moves is definitely the armbar. Famous for its use in the MMA and other sporting events, the armbar has been one move that makes it impossible for opponents to wrestle their way out of and eventually end up tapping out.

The armbar move is basically an ancient jujitsu technique that was invented for close quarter combat. If you want to learn how to escape from an armbar then follow these easy guidelines.


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    Beginning the Escape

    To begin the process of escaping is to relive the pressure on your arm that is caused by the opponent who currently has you in an armbar. It is important to turn your thumb sideways towards your head. By doing this, some of the pressure on your arm will be relieved, making it possible for you to begin planning and preparing for your escape.

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    Move Feet Away

    Get your hips off of the floor now by pushing with your feet. This should be done in such a way that your feet are now away from his/her head and creating as much distance as possible between you and the opponent so that you can manoeuvre a little more openly.

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    Free Arm

    The arm that is free will now play a decisive role in getting you out of the armbar. With your hips in the air, bring your free arm under your body as much as physically possible. Your chest should now be close to the ground as your free arm will also be all the way extended towards the arm that is in the opponents grasp.

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    Now, by using the arm that is free, slide up your knees from underneath. You should also be using your shoulder as much as possible for more leverage.

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    Slide Away Free

    When you are in the proper position, use as much force as possible to quickly move away from the opponent. The force will be enough that the opponent will be unable to resist and hold on to your arm any longer. If the proper technique is not used, your arm can get hurt in the process, which is why it is highly important to practice this before going out to use it in a bout.

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