How to Evaluate and Care for Gold Bought in Dubai

More often than not when purchasing gold jewellery you are given a tiny box made of satin or velvet lining. Keep in mind; you paid a heavy price for your gold so taking care of it should be your next priority. Keeping gold in pouches, pockets, wallets, or handbags is considered a big no. If you want to damage your gold then you would do one of the above.  There is regular wear and tear; however, serious damage to your diamonds or other gemstones may tarnish the overall look of your jewellery.

A neat trick, we recommend is to wrap your gold in tissue prior to placing them in any box, which will help prevent scratches and further damage.  If you keep your gold in a jewellery box then be sure to maintain a distance from one another as this may cause scratches on your favourite pieces.  In this Step by Step we will look at ways you can keep gold your gold looking new.


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    Keeping Your Gold Clean: When cleaning gold always use a soft cloth, chamois, or synthetic leather cloth. A good gold cleaning liquid is also recommended to maintain shine and glow. Always use soft non-abrasive material and a good cleaning liquid. Another great trick to use once every so often is to drop your gold jewellery into a boiling pot of water with a spoon of sodium bicarbonate for a little under a minute. Do not drop your entire jewellery collection at once but use one piece at a time and then remove and immediately wipe clean and dry with a cloth. It will give it a new found shine like never before.

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    Price Evaluation: Gold is not just measured in karat; to truly measure the value of gold you need to take into account several other factors. These other features may be: total weight, constructional design, ornamental dealing like engraving, or finish. Long ago, many pieces were fashioned by hand but that is fast becoming a dying art and today machines are used to manufacture most gold pieces and their designs.  There are still small amount of manual labour to fine tune and finish off each piece. True to tradition, the more manual labour involved in making a gold ornament the higher the price, since machine workmanship is not as valued as the work of humans.

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    Colours of Gold:  Knowing the colour gives you an idea of the quality of the gold. The purity of 24 Karat is a deep yellow (with an orange shade) and is soft and very mouldable. Other karat gold alloys come in different colours for example, green shades of yellow, pale yellow, deep yellow, pink rose yellow and red yellow. It is not as common but you can also find white gold and purple gold in many stores in Dubai as well as around the world. Each change in colour comes with a different detail such as strength, hardness, durability.

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