How to Exercise the Brain

Modern pace of life with its endless stress and congestion does not contribute to clarity of thought. Psychologists say that there are a couple of ways to increase the efficiency of the brain if you find it difficult to recall old memories and forget things on daily basis due to our busy routine.

If you regularly train the brain and perform a variety of mental exercises, you will be able to strengthen it for years to come. However, you should pay particular attention to several basic functions such as memory, attention, language, reasoning ability and visual-spatial skills while training your brain.

Intellectual abilities drop as soon as a person stops learning. People then blame growing age for lacking intellectual abilities. If you want to maintain clarity of mind, follow some simple yet effective exercises to help you start mental training and strengthen your brain.


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    To strengthen the brain, you need to play mind games as much as possible. For example, play bingo, chess and solve crossword puzzles etc. Puzzles are also a great workout for the brain.

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    Memory can be enhanced through physical activity as well. Conventional exercise 2-3 times a week can boost blood circulation of the brain.

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    Boring and monotonous lifestyles may have a depressing effect on the brain. The brain is charged after the owner gets a new life experience. Try to go to an unknown place or where you have not been in your life. It is food for the brain when you experience and concentrate on new things.

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    Regularly read, meditate and remember the words of poems and songs while listening to them. From time to time, try to indulge yourself in different memory exercises.

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    To train your brain for more attention and concentration, change your usual environment. For example, change the location of the furniture and the usual things in your home and set up different objects after replacing the old ones.

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    Try to pay attention to the little things that you've never noticed before in the city on the way back home. Try to count specific objects that you see all around you. It is a great brain exercise through which you can develop a phenomenal memory.

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    Pay attention to your linguistic abilities and do not forget to read books. Try to increase your vocabulary and pay special attention to grammar and spelling when you write a letter, as well as when you start communicating with other people.

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