How to Express Your Anger in a Very Creative Way

Humans express emotions in different manners and their way of expression certainly affects other people. Anger is also one of the most vital emotions of humans and expressing it in a creative way will not only let you relieve the pressure building inside your mind but also not affect others. Keeping your anger inside you will keep building up pressure and you feel like exploding with it. No matter what incident has enraged you, expressing your anger in a healthy manner will allow you to solve the problem quickly.


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    Recognising anger is the vital thing for you to survive it. You have to realise that anger is basically the capacity to wake up for the things needing change. You have to take the initiation to change the situation and anger is to be used to assist you modify the scenario.

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    Determine the cause of your anger and the thing which is igniting it. Not identifying the reason of your anger let you commit the most common mistake done by most individuals, known as displacement. Many of us don’t identify the actual source of anger and keep pouring it out on our spouse or children or people in our immediate circle. You need to trace back to the origin of your anger and then take the next steps to make things right.

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    You should know about the relaxation techniques and practice them to release your anger. Anger is such an overwhelming emotion that it can physically affect your heart, mince, face and tense up your muscles, letting your feel sick. You need to practice out the relaxation techniques to help your mind and body.

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    It is better to be assertive in anger, rather than getting aggressive or physical. You can engage in discussion with the person who has made you angry, telling him/her why you are feeling enraged about him/her and emphasize your need. When the other person tries to engage you in an argument, you better not argue with him/her and remain stick to your needs.

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    If you can’t resist being physical in anger, you should express yourself safely. Expressing your anger physically may be helpful for you in some scenarios but safety of others and yourself needs to be put in front of all. You can punch into a cushion or throw pillow, instead of hitting yourself, others or an animal.

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