How to Express Your Love for Someone

Love is the greatest and most powerful feeling in the world. When you develop strong feelings for someone, you start looking for ways and opportunities to express it to that lucky person, letting him or her know just how much you care about them.

When you are aiming to express your love for someone, you should let go of your fears and inhibitions and be completely honest about how you feel. Do not worry about what others would say or think. Your only aim should be to share your feeling with the person you love and make him or her feel loved through your actions and deeds.

Things Required:

– Money to buy gifts
– Pen and paper
– Envelope


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    One of the most basic things to do when you want to express your love for someone is to say it out verbally. You cannot expect the person you love to know how you feel unless you go ahead and tell him or her. Just walk over to them and express your love verbally. Look for the right time and place to approach him or her. It would not be such a great idea to confess your feelings to that person when they are surrounded by their friends, or apparently having a rough day. Remember, timing is just as important as the words that you say to him or her.

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    A love note or a poem would be a great way to express your love for that special someone. Do not be afraid to put your creativity to use. A lot of people find love notes and poems to be too mushy, but you should not let that bother you. Just hope that the person you love finds your gesture sweet and adorable. Remember to give your poem to him or her in an envelope, a scented one if possible.

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    Instead of just expressing your love for that person verbally, show him or her your love through your actions. Give them a hug or kiss from time to time. Be there to support him or her in their time of need. If he or she is feeling down, do whatever you can to lift their spirits back up.

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    Surprise your special someone with gifts. You do not have to get them something really expensive. Just go for something that is meaningful and represents your feelings for him or her.

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    Make that person your first priority. When you find yourself having to choose between spending time with your friends or your significant other, go with the latter.

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