How to Feed Fish While on Vacation

Fish in aquarium are very attractive and appealing to eyes. However, taking care of them is a problem especially if your are away from house. In case you are planning to go on vacations out of town or to another country, you need to make sure your fishes are properly fed or they will die. There is no need to panic though, as with proper precaution and equipment, you can feed them while being away.

Things Required:

– Time-release fish food blocks


  • 1

    Prevent excess proteins from contaminating the water

    You are required to take out 20 per cent of tank water and replace it with clean water. Do this four days before you have planned to go on your vacations. In addition to this, you need to replace it once every day for these four days. With this task, you can prevent contamination of water due to food blocks with excess proteins.

  • 2

    Determine the time duration for feeding your fish

    You are required to evaluate the time duration of feeding your fish. In case you are going for a week, then you need to add the extra 24 hours in your away time. In short, your vacations will be counted for eight days instead of seven days.

  • 3

    Choose adequate fish blocks

    You need to pick fish blocks which lasts for the number of days you will be going to your vacations. Also take into account the number of fishes in your tank and the size of your tank. Remember that most fish blocks are suitable for 20 fishes in a 10 gallon tank.

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    Choose the location to place your blocks

    You need to determine the place where you will place the fish food blocks. In case your tank contains a aggressive fish, you need to place the blocks near passive ones. With this placement of food blocks, all fishes can be fed.

  • 5

    Set the blocks right before you leave for your vacations

    It is recommended to set the blocks right before you leave for your vacations. Since these blocks dissolve after four hours, your fish will start consuming it in the right time.

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