How to Fight an Eviction

An eviction notice is one of the last things you would want. When you are settled at your job and everything is going fine, an eviction can provide a lot of stress both financially and mentally. You may face the prospect of losing your house or apartment in the next few days but there is a way to overturn the decision.

If you feel that the landlord has not provided you with ample time for eviction, you can fight for an eviction. You can hire an attorney who can fight the case for you.


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    Gather information on rental laws

    First of all, you must do your research on the rental laws of your state and determine whether the case you are filing is correct or not. You must make sure that you are being treated unjustly before you fight the eviction. A good way will be to consult a real estate attorney as you will be able to get the right information from him.

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    Hire an attorney

    You must hire an attorney for your case. This is extremely important as you may not have the right knowledge and experience to fight the cause. An attorney will guide you properly throughout the case and will increase the chances of you winning the case.

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    Prepare the documentation

    You must prepare all the necessary documentation with your attorney for the case. Make sure you have all the evidences including the copies of your lease, the receipts of your monthly rent payments and any other references that may prove beneficial for your case in the court.

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    Attend the hearing

    Attending the hearing is crucial. Even if you think that you do not have the required evidence to prove your case, it is very important that you attend the hearing otherwise the case may go in favour of the opposition. Your failure to be present for the hearing may go against you.

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    Testify in the court with proper evidence

    You must testify for yourself in court. Make sure that everything you say is true and do not try to use unjust ways to prove your point in court. Remember that you may get the decision in your favour if you have proper evidence and if you say what is right.

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