How to Find a Wholesaler Or Dropshipper

When you are into trading, finding the right wholesaler can be a tiring experience as the market is crammed with vendors who can give you good rates. Wholesaler and dropshipper can help you grow your sales and business, but if you do not know where to find the best dropshipper or a wholesaler, you might end up losing a lot of money and time.

Wholesaler or dropshipper can turn your ailing company into a profit generating business if you can get a decent price for the products. Finding a dropshipper is a bit more difficult task as most of the traders working on a wholesale basis don’t do business with small companies.


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    Speak to retailers you know

    The easiest and most hassle free way to find a wholesaler or a dropshipper is to talk to retailers to see if they can give you information in this regard. You can talk to retailers in your industry first. It may seem naive to expect a retailer to tell you about the right wholesaler as nobody wants to strengthen their competitors, but you can give this option a try. Since retailers who have established their business know a lot of wholesalers and they can negotiate a better price, you can get their help.

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    Do online search

    If you are troubled about contacting wholesalers in person, you can do an online search. Use Google search engine to find wholesalers working in your industry and country. There are plenty of sites online that can provide you with lists of wholesalers working in your industry.

    For a dropshipper, you will need a more powerful business plan which can assure your potential partner that you are worth doing business with. Most of the wholesalers now maintain their websites and getting in touch with them is not hard.

    Write a professional email to prospective wholesalers, asking them that you are interested in doing business with them. Hopefully, some of them will get back to you with a good response.

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    Use B2B portals

    B2B (Business to Business) platforms like Alibaba and Tradekey are a nice tool to find the wholesaler of your choice.

    B2B sites are designed to give the retailers and vendors a platform to do business. All you have to do is create an account on sites like Tradekey or Alibaba and request wholesalers to contact you. You can give information about your products, the price you want and other things like shipping.

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