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We all know, the popular micro blogging website that has a few hundred million registered users and a potential value of a few billion dollars. If you’re not on twitter then what are you waiting for? And if you are already registered on then you can easily get information about these 10 businesses and their tweets from the list below. Sometimes twitter’s breaking news releases are much faster than any other news outlet in the world, and for companies it’s a great way to engage they’re audience on social networks. Feel free to read information from these companies tweets, or to tweet them yourself if you have questions about their products or services  – heck that’s what twitter is all about, communicating and opening a dialogue with the brands and businesses that you interact with on a daily basis.

Dubai is fast accepting social media and almost every company is building a presence on social networks to help promote, market and engage they’re customers. These resources are not only businesses but news sources, entertainment sources, nightlife sources, airlines, official government twitter profiles and many more.


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    Here is a list of some of the top Dubai companies with twitter prowp-content/uploads.  Click on the links, go to the companies twitter page, and click follow. You will then be following the company and their tweets will show up in your news feed section.

    Emirates Airlines Twitter Account

    RTA ( roads and transport authority Dubai) Twitter Account Twitter Account

    Dubai Update Twitter Account Twitter Account

    My Metro Twitter Account

    Damac Properties Twitter Account

    Burj Khalifa Twitter Account

    Etihad airways deals Twitter Account

    UAE Jobs Twitter Account

    Dubai Informer Twitter Account

    Dubai press club Twitter Account

    UAE hashtags Twitter Account

    UAE gold silver Twitter Account

    Mumtazz Dubai Twitter Account

    Time Out Dubai Art Twitter Account

    Nightline Dubai Twitter Account

    Dubai Travel Guide Twitter Account

    UAE people Twitter Account

    Four points Dubai Twitter Account

    Dubai Digital Twitter Account

    Drama Dubai Twitter Account

    Dubai Expat Forum Twitter Account

    Dubai Creative Club Twitter Account

    Dubai Metro Twitter Account

    The capital club Twitter Account

    Dubai Cares Twitter Account

    There you have it folks the A-Z of top businesses, brands, sites, and information on Dubai in If you’re interested in finding a more detailed list follow step 2.

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    If you’re interested in finding a more comprehensive list of people on twitter in Dubai then go to and search for @thelemonadeboy he is the most followed person on twitter in Dubai in terms of followers. He has created a twitter list called dubaitweets and has almost everyone who's worth mentioning in Dubai on there. Simply click follow the list and you can keep track of all the Dubai tweets in your news feed.

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    No list on Dubai twitter people would be complete unless we had the man himself Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rasheed Al Maktoum. He is a must follow if you’re a national or expat of Dubai

    Sheikh Mohammed Twitter Account.

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