How to Find Free Audio books

Books are a joy to read. They take you to places that were previously uncharted for you and add to your knowledge. They give you an opportunity to understand how things work in life and why they happen. They are a way to broadening one’s perspective.

Some people that love to gain knowledge, are unable to read over long periods of time for any reasons. For people who are unable to concentrate or are unwilling to grind it out as they read, audio books are the solution.

You can get to know what there is in the book but by listening and not reading. Professional read out these books with passion and with all the required effects are a joy to listen as well. These can be, however, quite expensive.

You can access these books for free, provided that you know how to get them.


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    The Library

    This is the most obvious place. They generally have a whole section of audio books and though they generally do not allow them to be taken home like other books, you can enjoy listening to them in a library where the atmosphere is also ideal for the purpose. Find yourself a nice seat in the designated area and listen to your favourite books being read. The libraries generally have a great sound system installed which makes the listening experience all the better.

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    There are many websites that offer books online. Not all of them do so legally but not all of them do it illegally either. You can find a reliable website that offers free audio books legally and enjoy listening to them. You may not find all the books that you want to listen to free of cost as they may charge for newer and more famous books but you can still enjoy a wide range of books to choose from that are not being charged for.

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    Smart Phone Applications

    There are certain smart phone applications that offer audio books free of cost. You can download them or have audio streaming done if the option is available and you have a fast enough internet on your phone.

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