How to Burn a DVD Video Disc

DVD burning is an efficient and cost effective way of storing your video files, transferring them between computers or converting them to watch on your home entertainment system. Data storage is expensive, especially when it comes to external drives and SSDs. DVDs provide a good price to capacity ratio and are also excellent for sending memorable videos and photo collections as gifts. In order to burn a DVD, you need a computer, an optical drive capable of burning discs and a blank, writable DVD.


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    Insert the blank DVD into your computer’s DVD rewritable drive. Now let the disc dialog box appear on yourdesk top before you jump to the next step. One of the options presented to you should say "Burn files to disc using Windows Explorer."

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    You now need to type the name of the DVD in the disc title box, and then select next.

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    You would then need to navigate to the video files which you want to burn onto the DVD and drag these files to the DVD burning window.

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    One thing which needs to be remembered is that you will not be able to transfer data beyond the storage capacity of the DVD, which is usually 4.47 GB.

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    It will take a few minutes for all your files/videos to fully burn on the DVD. Once the files have been safely copied, a message on the screen will appear telling you that the burning was successful.

  • 6

    Close the DVD burning software and click on the My Computer option, and then select the DVD drive. This is done to check if the files are actually on the DVD.

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    You can click any files to see if they run properly. If everything is working accordingly, you can now close the media player and eject the DVD as you have successfully managed to burn your DVD disc.

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