How to Install Ceiling Speakers

If you want to clean up the design of your living space or just want to get rid of the long speaker wires running around in your rooms, installing ceiling speakers is the way to go. Building a sound system is quite a difficult task, especially if you have to build one around the ceiling speakers. However, by choosing the right kind of speakers, and interfacing them up properly with the sound system, you can produce a sound quality as good as any other sound system out there.

Things required:

– Eye protection
– Drill with bit set
– Ceiling-speakers


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    Decide whether you want to use the sound system for connecting with your television and watching a couple of movies or you want to build a hi-fi sound system with flawless sound quality. In either case, the main emphasis should be on the head unit. It’s the instrument which generates the sound or reads the sound signals from the source, process it, and then send it to the cross over unit. Cross over is a filtering unit which separates different sound types and send them to their respective speakers.

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    You will have to get a specific cross over unit which deals with ceiling speakers. Don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on the cross over, as the quality of sound depends on it a lot. Work out where you want to put them, do you want to place them in your living room, or you want to use them in your bedroom, because different environments have different set of speakers meant for them.

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    After determining all your requirements, it’s time to get to work. Identify the exact spot where the speakers will be placed, mark them up with pencil. Make sure that the left and right speakers have equal distance from the centre of the room or it will jumble up the sound produced.

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    Do not cut the ceiling just yet, find out whether the said location contains any joists or any other construction. If you have to change one speaker’s position, remember to change position of the other as well till you get a balanced sound.

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    Cut the ceiling and install your in-ceiling speakers on the desired positions. Connect the wires with the head unit and cross over, and connect them up with your laptop to test the sound quality. Fine tune the speakers' performance and then close the ceiling space with the covering provided within the speakers packing.

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