How to Burn an Audio book from ITunes

Even though people use iPods to purchase and listen to audiobooks, it may sometimes prove to be more convenient for them to listen to the audiobooks by copying them to CDs and playing them on their music system. This allows them to not only enjoy the music without completely shutting out other sounds, but will also make it possible for them to easily share what they are listening to with other people.


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    The first thing you need to do is to update your iTunes software to the latest version as it will make it a bit easier for you to burn your audiobook from iTunes to a CD.

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    After you have updated iTunes, create a new playlist by clicking “File” and then “New Playlist.” Add the audiobook that you wish to burn to a CD to the new playlist by dragging and dropping it from the “AudioBook” folder to the “New Playlist” folder.

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    Determine the total duration of the audiobook that you have added to the “New Playlist” folder. This will help you to judge the number of blank CDs you will need to successfully transfer the complete audiobook to CDs.

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    After you have gotten the required number of CDs, insert one of them into the CD drive on your computer. Once the computer recognises the CD, start the burning process by clicking the “Burn disc” button.

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    You will be required to specify the burn speed in a new window that will pop up. Once you have selected the burn speed, click “Burn again.”

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    The computer will display an alert that the file that you are about to burn will not fit onto one CD. Click “Audio CDs” to keep the files continuously copying from iTunes.

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    Once the computer is done copying files to the first CD, it will eject the disc. Take it out and replace it with another blank CD. Close the CD drive tray. Do not click anything as the copying process will resume on its own. However, if the computer asks you to confirm anything, do it.

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    Continue to replace the CDs that your computer ejects after it is done copying files to them until the entire audiobook is copied to the CDs.

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