How to Record Audio with Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro is a great program to edit videos using timeline feature. In the timeline, the audio and video get separated and you can also record a new audio sound or an effect, directly to the timeline. You can also add the newly recorded audio to the new sequence or even you can insert into an existing sequence. The audio then be saved as a clip, and will automatically be added to your project. Using Adobe Premiere Pro is really easy and even a novice user can record an audio sound without any difficulty.


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    Connect the audio input device with your computer, which you specified in Adobe Premiere Pro’s preferences. It should be properly working in order to record the audio.

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    Click the “Enable Track for Recording” from the “Audio Mixer” panel. Make sure you click the option when you are in the track where you want to add the recorded audio. A popup menu will appear on the screen, asking you about the input type you want. Click the “Recording Input” to record the audio. If you want to record multiple tracks at once, then you should repeat for each channel.

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    At the “Audio Mixer” panel, click the “Record” button. It will prepare the program for the recording mode. When you are ready to record the audio, click “Play” and the recording will start.

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    Now adjust the volume of the recording by moving the volume control up and down. Make sure that the audio does not fluctuate much because of the volume changes you make. Do it quick and wait for the recording to complete. Click the “Stop” button to finish the recording. The recorded audio will automatically appear in the Project panel. You can now drag the audio to the sequence.

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    Whenever you record an audio that you want to add into a sequence, you should mute the audio first, by going to the “Edit” menu and selecting "Preferences". From the “Audio” section, click the “Mute Input During Timeline Recording,” and click “OK”. It will now mute any audio present in the sequence and the new audio sound will overlap the previous one.

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    You should also watch for the red indicators forming at the top of audio meter, if the audio you recorded is highly pitched.

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