How to Create an Audio CD in ITunes

Have you created a list of songs on iTunes and now want to create an audio CD of your favourite songs? Worry not as iTunes provides you the option to burn the audio tracks on a writable CD. If you have not done it before, still, you should feel really confident, as the process is really simple and even a novice can create an audio CD in iTunes.

What you need?

A writable CD from the market.


  • 1

    Insert a blank CD in CD burning ROM drive installed in your computer system.

  • 2

    Run the iTunes program by double clicking on the program execution file. If you have not saved a short cut of iTunes on your desktop, then you will have to run the program from the “Start” menu and then locate it from the “Program” section.

  • 3

    Select the songs that you want to add on your CD. If you find it difficult to select the songs one by one, then you can also create a playlist. To create a playlist, go to the “File” menu and select “New Playlist”. You will then be asked to add the songs of your choice to the playlist.

  • 4

    Make sure you select only as many tracks that can fit on your CD. For instance, if the empty space in the CD is 700 MB and you create a playlist of 720 MB, then you will not be able to write all of the songs to your CD. Therefore, keep a check at the bottom of the iTunes program screen, where you will be able to see the overall size of your playlist.

  • 5

    If you have different playlists saved in iTunes, click the one that you want to burn on the CD. After you click on your desired playlist, it will become highlighted. This means that all the actions that you will perform will be applied for the highlighted playlist.

  • 6

    Now click the “Burn” button, present at the bottom of the program window. It will start copying/burning audio files to your CD. When the burning process completes, you can eject your CD from the burning ROM drive.

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